Patient Care

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You will be given detailed instructions by your surgeon to prepare you for your procedure. If you or your child develop any sign of illness up to 3 weeks before the date of surgery (fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, wheezing), notify your surgeon immediately. If you are taking medications, please ask your surgeon for specific instructions.

IMPORTANT: Do not take any aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) for 2 weeks before your surgery as it causes thinning of the blood. Tylenol may be taken if needed before surgery.

Eating Guidelines

Stop all solid or pureed foods 8 hours before surgery
Stop all formula and milk 6 hours before surgery
Stop breast milk 4 hours before surgery
Stop Pedialyte, apple juice or water 2 hours before arrival
Stop solid foods 8 hours before surgery
Stop milk 6 hours before surgery
Stop clear fluids (apple juice or water only) 2 hours before arrival
Stop all food and drink (except water or apple juice) at 10pm on the night before surgery
Stop water and apple juice 4 hours before surgery

Day of Surgery

Please bring the following on the day of surgery:

A current list of all medications and dosages that you are taking
Any medical forms given to you by your surgeon
Your health insurance card and driver’s license or photo ID
Please shower or bathe the night before surgery.
Brush teeth on the morning of surgery, but DO NOT swallow any water.
DO NOT chew gum or eat candy on the day of surgery.
If taking any medication on the morning of surgery, take it with a sip of water. Please make sure all medications are approved with the surgeon or anesthesiologist prior to surgery.
Please do not wear jewelry to the surgery center. If you wear glasses or a hearing aid, please bring a storage case.
Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes that can be easily removed.
For children: Bring a bottle or sippy cup for after surgery, if they use one. Bring a favorite quiet toy or two and/or special blanket if they have one, and a light special snack if they have a strong preference in food for after surgery.
You will be contacted every few hours during the surgery with updates. Most patients recover for 30 minutes to an hour after surgery is over.

Medications: If medications are required after surgery, they will be available on the day of surgery at VM Pharmacy, located in the same Skypark Complex near Cove Surgery Center (Building 7). Please contact your surgeon's office if you would prefer a different pharmacy.

After Surgery

For your safety, please arrange for an adult family member or friend to pick you up and take you home. Do not use a taxi or other car service.

Your surgeon will provide you with post-operative instructions regarding diet, rest and medication. In the event of any difficulties, please call your surgeon immediately.

A representative from Cove Surgery Center will call after surgery to inquire about your recovery.